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Campus opportunities

There are many opportunities to kick-start your career at PwC Canada

Our purpose is simple: to build trust in society and solve important problems.

As one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, we help businesses, not-for-profit organizations and governments create value and improve the way they work. Our purpose is simple: to build trust in society and solve important problems. At the heart of this purpose is our mission to foster a diverse and inclusive culture. By embarking on a career with us, you’ll have the opportunity to build a meaningful career and feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work.

We provide industry-focused actuarial, assurance, consulting, deals, risk assurance, tax and technology services to build public trust and enhance value for our clients and our stakeholders. Each of these service areas provides opportunities to discover what a career with us is all about, while boosting your employability.

Your opportunity at PwC Canada will include learning from the thinking and experience of our more than 276,000 people in 157 countries across our global network of firms. You’ll collaborate to develop solutions through fresh perspectives and practical advice.


What you’ll bring to PwC Canada

  • An interest in upskilling for a digital world and technology trends, an openness to learning new tools and adapting how you work.
  • A demonstrated commitment to valuing differences and working alongside diverse people and perspectives.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to articulate new ideas.
  • Highly detail oriented with excellent organizational and analytical skills; an ability to think broadly and to ask questions about data, facts and other information to deliver quality to our clients.
  • Share and collaborate effectively with others, building relationships which are genuine and rooted in trust.
  • Ability to easily adapt and prioritize, demonstrating project management skills to handle changing priorities.
  • You’ll be comfortable travelling to cities across Canada (post Covid-19 vaccine).
  • We'd love it even more if you’re bilingual in English and French, however this isn't a requirement for roles outside of Quebec.

We’ve adopted a unique development framework called the PwC Professional. We use this framework throughout the recruitment process, and it plays a significant role in changing the way our people think, learn and develop together during their time with us. It will help you hone the skills you need to grow your career and give value to our clients.


Program type: co-op  
This is a non-CPA program.

Our Actuarial professionals use complex financial and statistical theories to calculate the likelihood of events. As an actuary, you’ll work out what that means financially for clients. Our work makes a difference in determining insurance premiums, managing financial risks for banks and establishing a company’s retirement plan. It’s highly technical work that is also challenging and creative as you find new and innovative ways to distill complex findings into easy-to-digest information for clients.

Our actuarial practice includes Atuarial Life, Property and Casualty (P&C) and Pensions.


Program type: full-time, co-op, summer internship
This is a CPA Pre-Approved Program.

Our Assurance professionals understand how private and public businesses work from the inside. We help solve complex business issues faced by management and boards, and we serve the public interest by supporting the capital markets system through reliable financial reporting. 

We help clients navigate today’s complex business environment and manage the unknowns that can set them off course. We evaluate or implement a company’s governance procedures, processes, information and controls. 

You’ll get a unique perspective and practical hands-on experience in areas of our Assurance business, expert training and development, support as you study for the CPA and a structured and clear career path for the future

Our Assurance practice has opportunities for full-time, co-op and summer students. Please visit our accelerate and advance pages to learn more!

Risk Assurance

For our CPA Pre-Approved Programs we offer full-time, co-op and summer internship opportunities.
For our non-CPA program we offer co-op opportunities.

In our CPA Pre-Approved Risk Assurance program, you’ll help clients navigate today’s complex business environment and manage the unknowns that can set them off course. You’ll evaluate or implement a company’s governance procedures, processes, information and controls and look at them with a fresh eye. We focus on areas like technology, finance, data analytics, projects and transformations, regulatory requirements, internal audit projects, sustainability/corporate social responsibility and the third parties on which our clients rely.

We provide broad support across a business to elevate trust and transparency and give stakeholders information about whether risks are anticipated and understood. And we make sure if and when risks arise that they’re managed strategically and resiliently.

In the Risk Assurance Non-CPA program, you’ll help clients navigate today’s complex business and technology environment and help them build trust and confidence in the systems and processes enabled by technology they depend on to run their businesses.Today’s interconnected digital ecosystem means that handling the immediate and long-term impact of risks is a major concern for our clients. Our clients are also investing in technology to transform their businesses and turn risks into opportunities.  Our team in risk assurance helps our clients create proactive, preventative and holistic approaches to information risk, bringing a full range of expertise to address our clients’ business challenges.

“The thing I love the most about PwC is the people I work with. I felt included from the minute I started and was provided with great learning opportunities, always accompanied with amazing coaching and support. In my short time at PwC, I already see how much I’ve grown as a professional, as a team player and as an individual, which makes me look forward to the years to come.”

—Eli Mignault Associate, Montreal


For our CPA Pre-Approved Programs we offer full-time, co-op and summer internship opportunities.
For our non-CPA program we offer co-op and full-time opportunities.

Our Tax professionals are on the cutting edge of one of the most challenging and intellectually rigorous fields, working and teaming with some of the world’s largest organizations on tax planning, global structuring and tax controversy. We provide value to clients through analyzing and interpreting tax policy, advising corporations and high-net-worth individuals on intricate tax matters and helping companies comply with the growing and increasingly complex tax compliance requirements.

Businesses rely on sound tax advice to help them finance operations, determine a new office location overseas and even decide how to reward people. We help clients restructure multi-million-dollar properties, advise entertainment clients on the tax implications of living in Canada and recommend new ways for the government to improve tax systems. We help people manage their money and run their businesses even better.

Our Tax practice includes, but not limited to, Corporate Tax (CPA), MySolutions, and Global Mobility Services (GMS) Tax.

Our Tax practice has opportunities for full-time, co-op and summer students. Please visit our accelerate and advance pages to learn more!

“What I appreciate the most about PwC and my Tax team is their kindness and willingness to teach. I started this job worried about how difficult the work will be and what kind of team member's I'll be working with. However, the truth is that your teammates are always more than willing to act as a mentor and friend to guide me towards developing my skills as a Tax professional!”

—Eric Sun Associate, Vaughan

Management Consulting

Program type: full-time
This is a Non-CPA Program.

Our Consulting professionals deliver practical, insightful advice that gets straight to the heart of big business issues and implementation services all the way from strategy to execution. They help organizations of all shapes and sizes reach their goals by navigating and thriving in a rapidly changing business environment.

Management Consulting Program

You’ll join as an Associate in the Foundations for the Future (FFTF) program, which is a 2 year program that will teach you how to become great consultants. You’ll help organizations of all shapes and sizes grow faster and work smarter, helping to solve problems that matter. Whatever issues you’re resolving on their behalf, you’ll work with inspiring leaders who’ll help you achieve your goals and be your best. You'll quickly develop business acumen, as well as project management, coaching and core consulting skills.

When you join us, you’ll be engaged in a structured program that’s focused on ensuring your rapid learning and success. By aligning you based on your skills and abilities to one of  PwC's core consulting teams which could include: Front Office Transformation, Digital Operations, HR Transformation, Finance Transformation, Digital Procurement, Workforce of the Future and Technology Strategy and Transformation you’ll have the opportunity to live your potential starting on Day 1. This will also ensure that you're part of a community with the potential to work across teams to allow you to work on a variety of projects.This alignment will be balanced with the firm’s business needs to make sure we provide new resources to those areas that are higher in need and are growing rapidly.

“As an associate, I’ve felt incredibly supported by my peers and managers on every team I've worked on. I’m pushed out of my comfort zone in the best way possible on each project to learn and challenge myself, and I feel inspired by those around me to create positive outcomes for clients, the firm, and the people I work with.”

—Sophie Bruneau Associate, Vancouver

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime

Program type: full-time, co-op
These are Non-CPA Programs.

In a digital and data-driven world, threats such as security, financial crime, safety, reliability, privacy and data ethics are becoming increasingly intertwined and complex. At PwC, our CP&FC professionals help organizations integrate, optimize and mature their traditionally siloed strategies and defences against these converging threats. This enables our clients to innovate with speed and confidence to outpace their industry peers and create new value for their customers and society. You may experience working in Strategy, Transformation and Risk, Implementation and Operation or Crisis Management.

Fariha Hassan

“I never expected to start my first full-time job during a pandemic. But I consider myself very lucky to have begun my professional journey in the Cybersecurity practice at PwC. Although everything has been virtual, I feel a sense of belonging within the team thanks to our socials, events and constant support from my coach and relationship leader. There are incredible opportunities to grow as an individual and as a consultant, and I am very grateful to my team for their guidance.”

—Fariha Hassan Associate, Montreal

Technology Consulting

Program type: full-time
This is a Non-CPA Program.

With new developments emerging all the time, we’re helping our clients explore how they can harness technology and improve their business. Our size enables us to be transformative, foster innovation and test new technologies. We help our clients recognize the transformative nature of technology to help solve important problems and create value.

There are three different areas you can join us in. You'll be asked to apply directly to only one of the following areas based on your area of interest.


As a global alliance partner with Salesforce, we deliver highly customized digital solutions to our clients that help create a sustainable, competitive advantage that revolutionizes their business.


SAP at PwC is a business integration team. We bring a mix of functional, technical, industry and business perspectives to our clients’ projects with a clear focus on transforming their business operations. We help our clients define their SAP strategy from start to finish.


We’re the largest Workday Services Partner in Canada. We help clients use mobile and cloud technology to drive business transformation, increase workforce effectiveness and make the most of powerful analytics applications.


Program type: full-time
We offer both a CPA Pre-Approved Programs and a Non-CPA Program.

Our Deals professionals focus on the deals and crisis elements of our clients, from strategic public office procurement advice to insolvency of underperforming businesses, from international takeover bids to economic crime investigations, and lots of other projects in between. Our client base is wide, including government offices, private equity houses, family businesses and multinational conglomerates. We help our clients complete favourable deals faster and resolve complex business issues by bringing in industry expertise.

There are many options and opportunities in Deals

Are you pursuing your CPA? The core of our Deals CPA pre-approved program is based on various placements across Corporate Finance, Transaction Services, Valuations Modelling and Disputes, and Corporate Advisory and Restructuring.

If you’re not pursuing your CPA, you may be interested in our Deal Value Creation program. When you join us, you’ll be engaged in a program that’s focused on ensuring your rapid success. You’ll be exposed to Deals partners and staff that focus on: Deal Strategy, Value Insights, Delivering Deal Value, People in Deals, and Operational Value Enhancement.

“Deals Value Creation has a collaborative culture which as an associate, has enabled me to expand my network and make meaningful connections with other team members as we work together to solve client problems. Working in a collaborative environment has also helped me develop my technical skills and aided in my professional development journey.”

—Fatima Tariq Associate, Toronto

PwC Canada Scholarship

As part of our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and society, we’re excited to launch our scholarship.

Learn more

Programs and events

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for you to get to know us better and to help you develop. From skills sessions to business games, there are many ways for you to participate.

Learn more

Learn more

Learn more

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PwC Career path - associate, senior associate, manager, senior manager, director, managing director, partner

Career progression and global people structure

To achieve success as a business and support the development of our people, we don’t just think about how we do things in Canada, but we consider how things are carried out across our global network of PwC firms.

We appreciate and acknowledge the importance of speaking the same language about career progression across our network. To achieve consistency, PwC staff levels are aligned to a global structure of roles and positions.

Global alignment brings a number of advantages to our people by:

  • providing a consistent people experience across our network and bringing transparency to career progression and promotion;
  • providing clients with access to talent across our network for global engagements; and
  • making it easier to mobilize our people across the PwC network for overseas secondments and assignments.

Meet our campus recruiters

Our campus recruitment team is always excited to meet new students and answer your questions. 

You can learn a little bit more about us all here, including where you can find us online and how to connect. 

Allyson Scott

National Advisory Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, Toronto, PwC Canada

+1 416 863 1133 ext 14475


Amanda Bibeau

Western Canada CPA Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, Winnipeg, PwC Canada

+1 204 926 2423


Caroline Saade

National Advisory Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, Montreal, PwC Canada

+1 514 205 5001


Clara Wong

National Campus Talent Acquisition Associate, Vancouver, PwC Canada

+1 604 806 7780 ext 4543


Faizan Ahmed

Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, Calgary, PwC Canada

+1 403 509 7555 ext 6644


Georgia Donald

National Campus Talent Acquisition Associate, Toronto, PwC Canada

+1 416 941 8383


Hassan Docrat

Eastern Canada CPA Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, Montreal, PwC Canada

+1 514 205 5001 ext 1754


Kerri Kwong

GTA and SWO CPA Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, Toronto, PwC Canada

+1 416 687 8444


Raya Badran

National Capital Region and Atlantic CPA Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, Montreal, PwC Canada

+1 514 205 5001 ext 1645


Valentina Giuliana

National Advisory Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, Toronto, PwC Canada

+1 416 687 8473