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PwC Global Center of Excellence in Drone and Satellite Technologies

PwC Drone Powered Solutions – Global Center of Excellence in Drone and Satellite Technologies -  is a pioneering consulting group dedicated exclusively to implementing drone and satellite technologies for commercial, international development, alongside other security, defence and public safety applications.

Being well recognised as global leaders in the drone and satellite industries, our team offers:

  • Strong experience in identifying and assessing disruptive and transformative growth areas, including what is needed for success
  • Fresh perspective on the drone and AAM market with our unique understanding of market needs, drivers and enablers, as well as insights on potentials and barriers
  • Global scale of presence and scope of activity to give strategic guidance in drone and AAM market equipped with tailored business strategies

Areas of expertise

Regulations & Strategies

UTM / U-Space

Drone Delivery

Air Taxis

Mapping & Inspections

C-UAS & Defence, Security and Public Safety

ESG & Drones for Good

Satellites & Space

Client profiles

National and Local Governments

Public entities

CAA, ANSP, Airlines and Airports

Large Enterprises

Private Sector Companies

Defence and Law Enforcement

Development Institutions


Our core offering

Regulatory advisory Government strategies New products and services Market analysis and sizing Pricing strategies

Scaling drone programmes Technology assessment Commercial and technical DD Data governance Operating models and processes

Pilot projects Large scale drone and satellite data projects PwC Construction Insights Remote Asset Insights solutions PMO

PwC Geospatial.App software Photogrammetry AI and Machine Learning Drone and satellite data analytics Custom solutions development

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Since 2015 we have delivered more than
150 projects on 6 continents
gathering extensive experience and building unique
methodologies and technology solutions

Explore our selected projects delivered for different client profiles

Drone regulatory roadmap development

  • Analysis of current regulations in the country/region
  • Analysis of global best practices followed by a deep dive into selected countries
  • Development of regulatory framework and implementation roadmap
  • Building of Institutional capabilities 

Unmanned Traffic Management market size and pricing

  • Market sizing for drone flight operations in the country and market for drone/unmanned traffic management system
  • The governance structure of the UTM ecosystem
  • Pricing strategy for the UTM services
  • Communication strategy catered to different stakeholders 

National drone ecosystem development strategy

  • Analysis of the current state of drone ecosystem in the country and market sizing
  • Mapping and analysis of key stakeholders and regulations
  • Benchmarking of global best practices
  • Development of vision, strategic objectives, initiatives and roadmap

C-UAS technology due diligence and market benchmarking

  • C-UAS solutions due diligence and anti-drone market benchmarking 
  • Support of a pilot project on drone-related risks such as drone strikes, drone swarms etc.

RPAS deployment models

  • Project management and pilot projects support
  • Study of regulatory requirements for RPAS operations
  • Provision of Concept of Operations and Area of Operations analysis
  • Recommendation of RPAS technology and training
  • Creation of RPAS deployment models

Maritime UAS surveillance

  • Project management and coordination
  • Development of operational scenarios for maritime activities
  • Development of System Acceptance Tests and protocols
  • Integration on board of the vessels

Drone ecosystem analysis of the selected region

  • Large scale study, including analysis and benchmarking of drone ecosystems and practices in the selected region and best-in-class examples from countries around the world
  • Recommendations of the most promising business models based on local specificity

Drone technology in the construction section

  • Investigation on the current standing of the construction industry in terms of the application of drones for construction supervision
  • Report on drone potential for the industry, barriers to overcome and guidance for technology adoption

Drone technology incorporation

  • Pilot project for the implementation of drone technology by means of support 
  • SWOT analysis, identifying opportunities and ensuring project sustainability
  • Support in assessing broader impact
  • Identification of the collaborators, risks and mitigation strategies

Air quality mapping and analysis for a large factory

  • Supporting the client in selection of the best pilot project case studies
  • Selection of the right technology vendors and acquisition of drone data 
  • Air quality, visual and thermal inspections of the factory and selected infrastructure

Damage assessment for a crop insurance company

  • Pilot project for detailed measurements of crop damages based on drone data 
  • Detailed analysis of the data by comparison to traditional methods
  • Business case calculation for the implementation of drone technology
  • Development of roadmap for the drone technology deployment

Use of drone technology in forestry and water management

  • Pilot project focused on forestry and hydrological analysis
  • Large scale drone mapping of selected areas followed by detailed analysis of the results 
  • Workshops and report for the client with recommendations on the use cases

Road transport network survey and road condition assessment

  • Drone surveying of roads along with data analysis revealed numerous issues with the road surface
  • Provision of GIS solution to store, score and categorize road network data, as well as plan road reconstruction

Construction progress monitoring of railway infrastructure 

  • Provision of construction progress monitoring services
  • Data management, visualisation and collaboration platform to view and browse drone and satellite data at scale
  • Analytical reports from supervised sites delivered to the client within a short period of time over a simple web browser based interface

Automated inspection of telecom infrastructure

  • Drone-based inspection of client’s telecom towers
  • Data processing and analytics, generating reports for each asset
  • Delivery of a dashboard for asset management

Powerline AI model for asset inventory and vegetation detection

  • Development of a comprehensive asset management tool
  • AI-powered detection of vegetation threatening electric service reliability and recognition of missing elements along the power grid
  • Extraction and integration of data into a GIS

Vegetation management solution for power lines

  • Vegetation management for assets in difficult terrain conditions (dense forests, large altitude changes etc.)
  • Automatic detection of vegetation posing a risk to electric service reliability
  • Investigated powerline section required immediate action to prevent power outage

Analysis of mining operations and assets

  • Development of a software solution and analytical methods for open-pit mines
  • Automatic volumetric measurement of an ore body
  • Delivery of data and transfer of comprehensive knowledge to prepare the client to utilise the data

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