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The management of an M&A process is among the most important and difficult tasks management faces. Our approach to M&A will help you to achieve the objectives of your merger, acquisition or disposal.

Our team assists companies making acquisitions and disposals and undergoing corporate reorganisations, using proven processes and drawing upon expertise from throughout our global network. Our experience covers a wide range of tax services at all stages of the M&A process.

We are focused on identifying and prioritising opportunities across all phases and within all elements of an M&A transaction. Tax planning at an early stage can add significant value to every transaction. Such planning is essential to reduce both the actual transaction tax costs and the long term sustainable tax rate following the transaction.

Potential issues

  • You need to dispose of or acquire an asset or company
  • You need to dispose of a division as part of restructuring
  • You are disposing of a subsidiary and need a vendor’s tax due diligence
  • You need to understand historic compliance exposures of the target and require a tax due diligence
  • You need to establish a tax efficient acquisition structure and its subsequent implementation
  • You need to maximise tax deductibility of the transaction costs
  • You are considering a merger of some of your operations and need to execute it in a tax neutral manner
  • Your organisation would like to benefit from a step-up in the tax value of assets
  • You require to advice to incentivise the management in a tax efficient way
  • You need to integrate tax planning with legal and accounting requirements

How can we help you

  • Work with you as an adviser through all phases of your deal
  • Propose a tax structure that minimises tax costs
  • Build a tax model that will assess the efficiency of the proposed structure for the business restructuring
  • Provide solutions meeting your industry specific requirements through access to our industry experts and PwC international network
  • Assist you to execute a deal quickly and efficiently, maximising the opportunity to generate the returns you require

Our services include

  • Tax due diligence (vendor assistance, vendor due diligence, buy side due diligence)
  • Tax structuring of transactions
  • Reorganisation / post deal integration
  • Review of share purchase agreements
  • Management team advice.

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