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Tax compliance

Businesses are operating currently in an increasingly tough regulatory environment with taxes being one of the key tools of state control. Tax payments on various levels are an important obligation for any company. This is especially true for Armenian companies. In some cases the tax burden is so small that it does not make sense to develop a special accounting and tax management strategy. On the other hand, and especially in Armenia, underestimated taxation risks for certain activities, assets and liabilities can even close down a prosperous business.

Armenian companies frequently turn to PwC consultants for advice on:

  • Constant changes in legislation
  • Tax administration procedures
  • Implementation of legislation in practice (decisions of local tax authorities, court practice, etc.).

Are you sure that in addition to well-trained staff, a successful business development strategy and transparent reporting, your financial specialist manages the tax burden efficiently and can optimize payments to the budget without detriment to the company, especially if tax planning is not the core business of the company?

  • How can you mitigate your tax risks and structure your tax burden?
  • Does your company pay taxes in full? Is your business in compliance with tax legislation?
  • Can you develop your core business and be sure that there is no risk of tax claims?
  •  Is your company preparing for planned changes in tax legislation and their implications for your business?
  •  Who can be entrusted with managing the current "direct" tax burden allowing you to focus on indirect taxation and long-term planning?
  • Are there any ways to avoid additional expenses on independent development of the tax strategy of a company operating in different regions of the country and under different tax regimes?

These are just some of the areas where PwC specialists provide advice to Armenian clients and efficiently resolve fiscal issues using vast international and Armenian experience of dealing with tax authorities on various levels.


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