Investment and tax incentives for foreign investors in Paraguay

Paraguay has a good quality of life and a business-friendly environment, offering an array of opportunities in terms of leisure, sports and the most captivating ecotourism and adventure travel experiences. Its climate and variety of natural resources provide an attractive environment, enhancing business potential. 

In addition, the country has a privileged location given the confluence of two important rivers (Paraguay and Parana River waterways) in its territory and the fact that it is situated along the inter-oceanic corridor which grants access to the most important ports and markets in the region, such as Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay has youthful, inexpensive human resources given that minimum wage is approximately US$400 per month and the social security burden amounts to 25.5%. 

The cheapest electric power within the MERCOSUR region is found in Paraguay. Itaipú – a joint undertaking with Brazil – is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world in terms of installed capacity (14,000 MW). Paraguay is the largest exporter of electric power worldwide. In addition, the country is one of the top global soybean producers with beef, corn and sunflower exports gaining equal importance over the past few years. 

Paraguay, characterized by a stable economy and controlled levels of inflation, offers macroeconomic stability which provides a secure environment for investment.