Internal Audit Services

Maximising the value of the internal audit

We help you create a future-facing Internal Audit function that enhances value for you.

Our approach to internal audit focuses on helping clients to identify and prioritise enterprise risks that can impact shareholder value, and building and executing audit plans that address the most critical risks.

We also work to drive down internal audit costs and boost efficiency by streamlining processes, reassessing goals and activities, sharpening the focus on value-adding processes and leveraging technology.

Our objective is to enable our internal audit clients to play a higher-value, more strategic role in their organisations.

How we can help overcome your Internal Audit function challenges

  • Staffing shortage and lack of expertise?
    • Co-sourcing: Specialist resource or technical assistance to support an existing internal audit function to perform a risk assessment and specific projects on a continuous or „when needed” basis.
    • Training: Provide training and knowledge transfer services, including professional CIA qualification studies.
  • Lack of Internal Audit function?
    • Outsourcing: Full and continuous outsourcing of an organisation’s internal audit function, including risk assessment activities.
    • Set Up: Assistance to set up and establish a cost effective and quality focused internal audit function.
  • Insufficient working practices and methodology?
    • Quality Assurance: Perform an independent quality assurance review of an organisation’s in-house internal audit function to assess compliance with IIA Standards and industry benchmarks.
    • Function Optimisation: Benchmark and improve the effectiveness and performance of an internal audit function, including its approach, goals, risk assessment, methodology and activities.
    • Methodology: Enhance internal audit methodologies and manuals to improve consistency of audit execution and use of best practices.
  • Excessive costs and lack of efficiency?
    • Risk assessment and planning: Perform risk assessments and develop strategic and annual audit plans to raise the level of internal audit performance.
    • Technology: Provide IT technology and tools to improve an internal audit function’s efficiency.
    • KPI: Enhance metrics and balanced scorecards to measure results and drive continuous improvement.

Our global Internal Audit methodology

We live in unprecedented economic times. Given the current economic environment and ever increasing emerging risks, internal audit departments are increasingly required to deliver higher value at reduced or flat costs. PwC leverages its global internal audit methodology to achieve these dual objectives.

Our team

Our IAS team consists of specialists having experience in many industries. We are actively participating in development of Internal Audit profession in Macedonia by presenting at conferences, writing articles and organising events for industry groups.

Members of our team hold professional qualifications such as CISA and CIA.

Our internal audit sourcing services are based on our skill focused „Hub and Spokes” model. Our core internal audit specialists serve as the engagement hub, and draw on the spokes, the firm’s functional and industry practitioners, to provide our clients with subject matter specialists.

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