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Augmented Reality Training for smartphones

The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the global economy and has rewritten the rules of health and safety at the workplace. 

While vaccination will in time lead to the relaxation of measures, it is not clear to what extent, or when, ‘normal’ work activities will resume. It is highly likely that certain measures will remain in place for some time or be reintroduced at some point to avoid future increase in infection rates.

The COVID-19 crisis is putting pressure on employers and workers as a result of having to implement new procedures and practices in a very short time. In this context the COVID related work health and safety AR training offers practical support for resuming or maintaining work, and contributes to suppressing transmission of COVID-19 at the workplace.

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PwC has partnered with Leopoly in creating an augmented reality training experience for smartphones with short learning modules and quizzes educating employees on how to prevent the virus spreading and minimize the risk of being infected with some easy-to-follow rules.

  • The aim of this AR training is to help employers and workers to stay safe and healthy in a working environment that has changed significantly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This course gives you practical guidance on how to identify the virus, prevent it from spreading, and minimize the risk of being infected.

  • The training uses the non-binding guidelines of the European Agency of Safety and Health at Work on “COVID-19 Back to the Workplace - December 2020 Update”.

  • Please note that the information in this guidance does not cover the healthcare setting.

  • It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the course. At the end you will have to answer a few questions about what you have learned. 

  • This training uses augmented reality to demonstrate certain COVID-19-related topics. You will only need your phone to enjoy this experience. No headsets or glasses are necessary. Augmented reality is an interactive solution that enhances the real word with computer generated visual elements,  that is engaging and easy to use for any employee without the need for any VR headset. 

The AR training is available in 2 platforms, as a mobile access e-learning module and as a mobile app.  
  • The mobile/smartphone access e-learning module 

    • is accessible in cloud on PwC Academy Client LMS and 

    • can also be easily run on any Corporate LMS. 

  • The mobile app will shortly be available on app stores. 

The training can also be easily corporate branded for your own corporate brand and for your own corporate solutions. 


The agenda of the AR training is the following:

Module 1 - Introduction to AR Experience

Get familiar with AR and learn how to interact with AR holograms.

Module 2 - Covid-19 Symptoms

Discover common symptoms of COVID-19 and learn how to recognise infection.

Module 3 - Minimising exposure to COVID-19 at work

Learn about collective control measures to implement safe work practices that limit exposure to COVID-19 at work, to first eliminate the risk of infection, and to minimise worker exposure through the use of individual personal protective equipment (PPE).

Learn how offices and factories can change their layout in order to reduce risk.

Module 4 - Cleaning and disinfection

See in AR experience how the virus is transferred to and by people’s hands and how long the virus survives on surfaces.

Module 5 - Face masks as personal protective equipment

We have learnt about collective control measures for safe work practices before. Now let’s learn how face masks - as personal protective equipment (PPE) minimise worker exposure to the virus.

Module 6 - Final quiz

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Augmented Reality Training for smartphones

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