Paywell 2022

Paywell Moldova 2022

PayWell Moldova 2022 Compensation & Benefits Survey was conducted on a sample of 82 private companies from banking, NGO, FMCG & industry, IT and telecom sectors and analyzes the wage levels and remuneration policies (for example, wage increases, fixed and variable bonuses), as well as the analysis of a large number of extra-wage benefits offered by employers.

The study also contains personalized analyzes, depending on the geographical distribution, the number of employees and the revenues of the participating companies. PayWell is the main source of information on salary policy and benefits in the Republic of Moldova."


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Average salary growth among PayWell participants performed in 2022


Average salary growth among PayWell participants planned for 2023

The sectors with the highest salary increases planned for 2023

highest salary

Highest salary increases per staff category

Managers - Business People

Enabling staff - 12.9%

Top benefits granted in 2022:

Coffee and/or refreshments

Team building

Special occasion bonus

Foreign language / lifestyle

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