Student & Scholarship Candidates

Students & scholarships

Bring your full potential to Light!

Are you a bright young Caymanian who is academically sound, wanting to pursue a career in public accounting and committed to your pursuits? Then PwC Cayman wants to help you achieve your maximum potential.

PwC Cayman’s scholarship program includes sponsorship for students to study locally and overseas. As a scholarship student you will not only benefit from financial support during your studies, but also from summer internships, and work experience upon graduation.

To be considered for the award of a scholarship you must be Caymanian or a Caymanian status holder and be enrolled as a full time student. For more details about our scholarship program, please see requirements in the application form. Click here to download a copy of our scholarship application. The deadline for application submissions is Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

It's your future, your goals and your career - let PwC Cayman Islands be part of your success.