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Bid support and defence

We provide bid support services that help companies to make and defend hostile public bids.

If you are a bidder, we prepare hostile reviews on your own business and analysis of the vulnerability of the target.

For defenders, we work from the moment a hostile bid is announced to help defend or achieve the best price for your company. Because of our experience in defence situations we can help company management position themselves favourably to the markets during the bid.

We also carry out 'dummy' defence assignments for clients who feel exposed, but before a bid is announced. Many companies commission defence reviews as a routine board activity to help maintain an objective external view of their company.

Potential issues

  • You are looking to acquire a public target in the coming months
  • You think that your company may be vulnerable - because of underperforming share indices, market criticism or the possibility that the company may be broken up
  • Your company is announcing a restructuring, a change of strategy or an ambitious acquisition
  • Your company has problems with management succession.

How we can support you

  • Your organisation benefits from our early involvement, our familiarity with the process and priorities, and our understanding of how to work with the wider defence or attack team
  • We assist in developing the arguments on value, supporting your proposition and helping to strengthen your position - both in the market and with shareholders - and so to increase the chances of a successful result.

More about PwC's bid support and defence services

  • For companies making hostile public bids, we prepare reviews on the bidder's own business and analysis of the vulnerability of the target
  • For companies defending a hostile public bid, our review helps the company's management team position itself well in the eyes of the markets during the bid
  • Financial due diligence analysis to validate the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions underpinning the deal.

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