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PwC Israel's International Assignment Services Practice provides relocation solutions to Israeli and foreign residents, companies and individuals. We have a successful track record of supporting employees mobility from Israel abroad or international employees assigned to work in Israel, as well as mobility between foreign jurisdictions.

The PwC global IAS experience. We've been helping multinational organizations manage the complex tax, planning, administrative, and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce for more than 40 years. Our global practice includes more than 7,000 dedicated, full-time mobility professionals who are located in 139 countries around the world.

Our services:

Before Departure

  • Consult regarding employee mobility from Israel to foreign countries and vice versa
  • Consult regarding tax implications for the employee in Israel and in the destination jurisdiction; including the issue of residency for income tax & National Insurance purposes; exit tax; taxes on shares and options; tax treaties; tax returns and other income reports to authorities in home and destination countries
  • Prepare memos on tax impact and exposures given the nature of employment in both home and destination countries
  • Estimate monthly/annual tax liabilities to assess the cost for the employers and the net income of employees, both in Israel and overseas, during relocation. This allows to take a decision on the issue of residency strategy
  • Consult on options taxation and RSUs in both the origin and host countries, and any tax withholding liability in both jurisdiction

Ongoing Support During Relocation

  • Assessment of employment relationship alternatives during relocation, striking a balance between the needs of the employer and employee and optimizing the tax liability offered by the various available alternatives
  • Coordinate all services of PwC global network over the relocation period
  • Tax calculations for tax withholding
  • In case of foreign residents working in Israel and receiving their compensation in the country of origin; prepare shadow payroll to comply with the monthly reporting requirements
  • Prepare Israeli tax returns
  • Prepare US tax returns
  • Represent employees before Israeli tax authorities (e.g. on the issues of residency, tax refunds due to double taxation on exercising options, applications for exemptions from filing returns or tax withholding and applications for pre-rulings about exercising options)
  • Represent employees before the Israeli National Insurance Institute (e.g. waiting time for health services, residency, entitlement to benefits, and applications for national insurance exemption when in contracting states)
  • Prepare applications for tax breaks to Olim Chadashim, returning citizens, foreign residents and Israeli residents
  • Assist in withholding tax audits of foreign employees working for Israeli companies or Israeli employees working overseas for their local employers

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