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PwC can help governments to better respond to the challenges they face. To every engagement we bring a fresh PwC experience to our clients as the one firm in professional service. With over 12,500 professionals in more than 156 countries, we can improve performance in governments, markets, institutions and international governmental organizations.  
Through our Public Sector Research Centre (PSRC) we provides clients with insights into best practice and options, Our focus is how to acheive better public services. We want to stimulate the debate on public services and have point of view in a wide range of key issues for governments and the public sector across the world.

Key issues

Many conflicting forces are shaping government decision making presently. From the impact of natural disasters through to the future for early childhood education and care Governments are being forced to find answers to the most difficult questions.
• How can we utilise our expertise in education/ transport/ health/ justice to improve the quality of these services?
• How can we provide equitable access to education for all?
• How do you know when the right balance of regulation is achieved?
• What are our options to fund and supply critical infrastructure?
• What are the worldwide regulatory trends and options?
• What regulations will address the issues?

PwC understands the issues you are facing and the questions you need to ask in the current market climate. Contact us today to find out how we can help your department excel in any economic environment.

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