Healthcare organizations and governments face a growing imbalance of supply and demand. They must manage increasing costs while balancing the need to improve access to safe, quality care and services.

These costs stem from fragmentation of resources between healthcare agencies; increasing requirements from declining infrastructure; an aging population, and a shortage of skilled labour. If the sector continues to work this way, it risks a financially unsustainable future and more potential health problems. The healthcare system and government must find innovative solutions to give timely access to quality care.

How PwC can help

Healthcare organizations can benefit from PwC's unique insight and strategies to help address current issues that plague the sector. Our comprehensive range of experience combined with PwC's global network of healthcare professionals and our Health Research Institute provide clients with current surveys and publications that help with the following:
PwC helps clients across the healthcare field — from payers to providers, investors and new entrants — to keep pace with an industry demanding faster, better, cheaper solutions to the challenges of healthcare today. We leverage a wealth of experience across our vast network in areas including advisory, tax, and assurance.

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