Oskar Abo-Razak

Oskar Abo-Razak

Tax Partner, PwC Israel

Oskar Abu-Razak is a Tax Partner at PwC Israel.

Oskar has over 30 years of tax related experience. Oskar has gained vast experience with the Israeli tax system, as well as a deep understanding of the Israeli economy and complex processes in both public and private sectors.

Prior to joining PwC, Oskar has served in a variety of positions at the Israeli Tax Authorities (ITA) including as a Deputy Director of the Israel Tax Authority, Vice Commissioner for Professional Affairs and as Assessing Officer in three assessment offices.

In addition, Oskar served as the General Director of the Ministry of Interior, that being just one example of his many years of public service where he also served as the Chairman of the National Council for Planning and Construction, and the National Supervisor of Contractors.

Oskar currently leads the tax department at the College of Management. He has also served as a government-appointed director on the boards of a number of public companies. Throughout his career, Oskar has published numerous taxation articles in professional publications. Recent surveys positioned Oskar as the leading Israeli tax professional in Israel.

Oskar received a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Public Policy from the Hebrew University.

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