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PwC Israel’s WalkMe Global Center of Excellence

More than just a certified WalkMe partner

PwC Israel and WalkMe help clients thrive through Digital Transformation when prioritizing people over technology

PwC Israel bring the B2C approach to B2E, as treating our employees is as important as we treat our customers. PwC Israel's digital adoption approach - powered by WalkMe - is designed to empower users to keep pace with technology by enabling true digital adoption.

From digital transformation, employee training, software implementation and employee productivity - through website adoption, self service support, customer care, and customer onboarding - we'll help you find the right WalkMe approach to meet your needs.

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PwC WalkMe's Global center of Excellence

PwC Israel Technology Consulting team offers a broad range of services. We pride ourselves on not just being experts in the technology we implement but on being the trusted advisor to your business as well.

This means we are committed to designing the solution that fits your business, based on industry knowledge and best practices.

We will draw on our broad industry knowledge and experience to challenge your thinking and ensure you receive the best solution to your problem.

Professionals: Our knowledge of business processes and technology
enables us to best design the adoption plan and it’s execution

Certified: Our team was selected by WalkMe to implement WalkMe on their internal systems

Best fit: We work with WalkMe clients around the globe, tailor to their time zones and timelines and fit to their exact WalkMe need

Hypercare: We don’t just deliver and leave. We’re are fully committed to your end-to-end  adoption journey

Change management: Our technologists are all certified and comprised by WalkMe's experts and different platform professionals

Wlakme Services

WalkMe’s Holistic Approach to Adoption

WalkMe is a software-as-a-service company that helps users navigate the features of other web-based services.

Walkme pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to simplify user experience through insights, engagement and guidance capabilities

WalkMe provides a fully customised and seamless user experience that enables greater self-service and facilitates digital adoption


Our Methodology
Our methodology 

Our approach unapologetically brings together technology platform (CRM, ERP, business applications), change management and WalkMe leaders to the table. This ensures the WalkMe deliverables work for the DNA of how your business operates, whilst accounting for the complexity of your technical ecosystem. 

The decision to incorporate the above listed leaders in our WalkMe projects was not taken lightly. It was made on the premise that even the best WalkMe problem solvers are limited, if they don’t have deep familiarity with high-level and detail design of business systems or have proven change management experience. 

But pure technical capability would not suffice when solving a human adoption challenge. Hence, our methodology is driven by five key change management principles: 

  1. People are different. Be it there digital literacy or their willingness to adapt. Our adoption strategy needs to address these different needs to empower your broader teams to succeed.
  2. People expect technology to be easy to use. Place your users’ experiences first. Technical functionality and features are secondary. 
  3. People follow leaders. Do what you say if you want others to follow it; model the behaviours and communicate the changes. We identify key stakeholders and work to ensure their expectations are met to ensure buy-in. 
  4. People get bored. Interest waivers, especially if your past transformations have hit roadblocks. Our fresh approach focuses on not just meeting objectives, but making the adoption fresh, fun and personal. 
  5. People don’t change overnight. The adoption journey truly takes off post-go live, PwC enables you to measure a broad range of analytics to continuously measure and optimize for success. 

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, through a ERP platform adoption that actually works, and how it  factors in your people and processes, give us a call.

Our Services

Go Live with WalkMe

Start your digital adoption journey with the experts. We use a tried and tested methodology to design the optimal adoption solution. We provide an end-to-end implementation, including the technical setup, designing the solution architecture and building the solution according to WalkMe’s best practices.

Our deep knowledge of the WalkMe product allows us to choose the best WalkMe solution that answers your business needs so that your organization truly sees a return on your investment.

Did you know that the WalkMe Company enlisted the help of PwC Israel to create it’s WalkMe content for their financial ERP system?

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Managed Services

Allow the WalkMe experts to manage your digital adoption strategy. We will provide both technical health scans and optimize based on our best practices.

We will ensure that the analytics tool is set up correctly to best monitor usage and encourage explanation and optimization based on the overall adoption and your business needs.

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Enablement and Training

Use our digital adoption gurus to train and enable your team to maximize your value from WalkMe. Based on a program developed by ex-WalkMe veterans, we train your team on WalkMe best practices, technical challenges and correct solution design.

We provide a personalized training program, geared towards building WalkMe content with the intention of going live. Depending on your needs, we offer both beginner and advanced classes, implementation shadowing and WalkMe project mentoring and support.

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WalkMe Project Management

As with all software implementations, there are unique aspects to a WalkMe project that if not addressed correctly may risk the success of the adoption strategy.

Before you begin your digital adoption implementation, allow us to help you best design the project based on our years of experience going live with WalkMe. We will help you manage risks and response, predict technical challenges and ensure that the implementation is set up for success.

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Process Design Optimization

 The cost of an inefficient process is ever-growing as it is repeated on-mass, limits your ability to re-organize your business in response to changes and lowers employee morale.

The best adoption happens when a process is logical and effective to the core of what your business needs. We can bring platform experts that know the limitations of the product, together with digital adoption and process experts to specifically design optimized processes that are calibrated to your business goals

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Health Check

Allow our WalkMe experts to optimize and ensure that your solution is stable.

We will review your implementation for you and clearly illustrate where the problems lie. This stage is crucial for a successful deployment.

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UX Design

Allow our professional designers to help you create content that seamlessly fits into your application. 

We will assist in looking into all digital abilities while creating your WalkMe experience. 

Our team will build you WalkMe content tailored to all customer and employee experience, depending on the specific UX needs by your audiences. Design best practices to ensure that you have created the optimal user experience.


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Upgrade the way your employees interact with ERP

Organizations who implement ERP systems with the goal of simplifying back office functions and increasing business agility, understand that the platform’s potential is grounded in its adoption level.

Failure to take advantage of the software’s full scope, either due to employee resistance or differing levels of tech savvy, results in companies forfeiting valuable benefits.

From finance to logistics, WalkMe’s contextual engagement is key to driving ERP adoption and proficiency and creating a fluid experience that will drive growth.

Maximizing software efficiency to drive the bottom line

CRM platforms are recognized as vital to business success, whether used by customer-facing departments to manage processes throughout the sales funnel or by management to analyze, report and forecast.

Despite CRM software’s extensive scope and vast potential, organizations rarely capitalize on the full value of their investment. At the crux of this issue are costly and time-consuming training programs, routine data inaccuracies, and employees whose competency plateaus are at a basic level.

Opportunities for faster onboarding and more efficient processes are the key to maximizing the value of your CRM investment.

Reinvent how you engage employees

Organizations are coming to understand that the potential of HR technology and digital HR transformation goes beyond digitizing standard processes. HR platforms today are capable of boosting efficiency and productivity with staggering results.

However, these results are only possible when employees successfully adopt the platform. The challenge now, is to reinvent how we engage employees in the digital workplace, across platforms and to the fullest extent.


Drive Task Completion and Conversions by Guiding Users To Action

Many user sessions are lost due to complex UI, lack of clear direction and awkward digital experience.

By using WalkMe’s intelligent overlay to tailor a simple and personalized user website navigation experience, your website will gain traction and stickiness, lowering bounce rates and increasing free-to-paid conversions.

WalkMe’s ability to segment, engage and guide the user’s experience has a powerful effect on their subsequent actions.


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