International Mobility Experience

As PwC clients become more global, we need to meet their needs as a trusted business advisor. In order to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table our people must have the cultural dexterity and a diverse point of view to understand the challenges our clients are facing. We’re committed to developing our people through diverse opportunities, whether domestically or internationally, enabling them to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

Our vision is to have an agile workforce on a global scale that can react to market opportunities, meets and exceeds the current and future needs and expectations of our clients, our people and our network.

International assignments: 1-6 months

Mobility is one of the key development tools at PwC; many of our people have taken on long-term assignments lasting usually two to three years, or short term opportunities that can last from one month to six months.

International assignments present exciting perspectives but they're also challenging. In most cases our people applied for international assignment when they have completed their qualification or have been with the firm for more than one year. We encourage mainly those who have demonstrated excellent performance, along with the desire and commitment to gain international experience in their career.


Destinations vary across the world in major established economic centres and key emerging global markets depending on business needs and candidates skill set.


The international assignment generate lasting professional and personal rewards. Below are some of the advantages that existing assignees confirmed they have gained from going on an international assignment:

  • Accelerated career progression
  • Better understanding of business complexity
  • Improved skills and expertise
  • Deeper personal development
  • Greater cultural awareness
  • Better understanding of international differences
  • Broader and closer global networks
  • Increased confidence in overcoming challenges
  • Enhanced creativity through exposure to new ideas
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