Design your own career growth

We want you to choose the right career path, which is why we help you design your own.

We provide the training, coaching and experience that allow you to build relationships and take advantage of career opportunities.

We are committed to developing employees who meet the standards of the “PwC Professional”. By starting your career with us, you can expect a culture of learning in which teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is valued and respected, with your personal development at the centre of it. We combine a variety of innovative learning approaches with on-the-job coaching and career milestone development experiences to empower you to build a successful and rewarding career.

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How can you make your studies and your preparations for life after university more effective?

The answer is to start doing a real job as quickly as possible. We believe that combining a part-time internship with your university studies will help you to develop much faster and with greater impact.

Being an intern at PwC means changing your mindset 180 degrees. From your first day, you will be part of a team that will count on your responsible support. Through your involvement in different projects, you will have the opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills, learn about new business practices and processes, and share your vision to improve team performance. You will start building your professional network right away by meeting market experts at lunchtime, participating in meetings, attending to clients and preparing yourself for a great start after university. Your PwC buddy and mentor will provide appropriate guidance along the way.

In Central and Eastern Europe, PwC offices employ over 900 interns annually. PwC CEE employs over 900 interns annually. More than 88% go on to become full time employees once they graduate.

Associate / Consultant

The position of associate (consultant) is offered to university graduates and individuals in the early stages of their careers. Recent graduates often seek the opportunity to work as an associate to help them determine their career direction after graduation.

What is so unique about our opportunities for recent graduates?

Immediately after you graduate, you can work full time and you have enough knowledge to perform fully. We want you to make your mark in the firm by supporting your rapid professional development and growth. 

The best way to support you here is to provide internationally recognised professional qualifications, the chance to learn alongside peers, opportunities to meet with different types of businesses and business leaders, and a rewarding compensation and benefits package.

Many of the students we hire go on to become senior staff and partners at PwC, some locally and some abroad. Others have joined the ranks of our impressive alumni program, as they pursue careers with other organisations, using the skills and qualifications they received while working with us.Annually, we hire over 1,000 recent graduates and we understand that they will have different aspirations. We offer career coaching throughout their employment, with many opportunities to develop within and across the global PwC network.

Senior Associate

The position of senior associate (senior consultant) is offered to employees who have already spent three to five years at the firm. 

We believe that the position of senior consultant is the primary step for future business leaders and partners. Therefore, the essence of your work here will focus more on management. You will participate in client discussions, drawing upon your expertise to propose potential solutions for the range of issues they face.

 To develop your leadership skills, you will coordinate and mentor other team members involved in projects. To upgrade your knowledge, we have developed special courses about coaching and project management, as well as other courses on dealing with day-to-day activities.


Managers usually have more than five years of experience and have already acquired professional qualifications. Our managers supervise, coach and coordinate the work of teams that are working directly with clients. You are also responsible for establishing contact with clients and nurturing relationships to build the trust and value that our clients desire. Our managers become the go-to person for our clients. Clients reach out to them with a variety of issues and they rely on our managers to offer professional advice from across our business units. No matter what specialisation you have or country you work in, you will find yourself working with experts from different fields and countries when you are working for PwC.

Senior Manager

Our senior managers are responsible for a large portfolio of clients or business functions. Senior managers are also expected to take a more public role in the firm, including hosting seminars, conducting surveys, teaching courses, speaking in public and being active in community organisations. Demonstrating skills in building relationships along with developing teams and clients is essential for this role, and this provides strategic input into the direction our business takes to provide clients with the outcomes they are looking to achieve.


Directors are senior employees who have distinguished themselves as key players in local markets or as industry or product specialists. Their main tasks include managing the work of teams and planning the strategy for developing clients’ portfolios. A director identifies new opportunities for developing the services of the firm, wins new clients and represents the firm as the contact for key clients.


Partners are responsible for taking strategic decisions concerning the firm, planning budgets and achieving the financial objectives within the framework of industry groups. They represent PwC in contacts with strategic clients and the chief representatives of foreign business units in our company. As a key member of the business community, they are expected to interact with media outlets, as well as host seminars, teach courses and write opinion pieces for our clients and the countries we work in.

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