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Need CPE credits?

Browse our library of on-demand CPE programs and catch up on hot topics at the same time.

Getting back to basics on interim reporting

We share our point of view on how the FASB can refocus the interim reporting model to enhance efficiency and relevancy.

Survey: Companies split on impact of revenue standard

A PwC/FERF survey gauges preparer expectations on effort, breadth and depth of impact, and more. See how your company compares.

Fine-tuning controls using the COSO update

Learn how the new COSO framework can improve more than just internal controls over financial reporting.

All things Revenue Recognition

Our new global accounting and reporting guide, publications, videos and webcasts on the new revenue recognition model provide summaries, deeper dives, and industry considerations.

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Webcasts and events


SEC comment letter trends webcasts: Commercial and industrial companies and Financial services
December 2 and 3, 2014REGISTER


Private Company Services: 2014 Year-end accounting & reporting developments
December 8, 2014REGISTER


Q4 Current Accounting and Reporting Developments
December 17, 2014REGISTER