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Energy sector

As global warming and other sustainability issues are recognized to be among the biggest challenges of the 21st century, everyone is looking for technological solutions to mitigate the forecasted harsh environmental outcomes. The Israeli cleantech industry has been known worldwide as a vibrant source of new ideas aimed at solving many of these urgent environmental issues.

And this innovation has not gone unnoticed, with many international investors contributing to an unprecedented bout of rapid growth in the local cleantech industry. New startups are created almost on a daily basis in fields like renewable energy, water technology, oil substitutes, energy efficiency and more.

However, the local cleantech industry faces some specific challenges relating to the regulatory environment and the need for business cooperation and for tailored financing resources.

With our tools, expertise and experience at PwC Israel, we are well positioned to provide dedicated services to any cleantech company, joint venture or project.  You can always rely on the insights and track record of our local experts and those of PwC's global network of firms, which together will help you identify the right partners and will develop a customized approach to help you achieve your strategic, financial and business goals.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of these issues:

  • Capital raising strategy and looking for potential investors
  • Looking for strategic partners in Israel and globally
  • Developing business plans for raising capital and other purposes
  • Assistance in obtaining government incentives (Israel Office of the Chief Scientist, EU funds etc.)
  • Testing economic feasibility of business projects and ventures
  • Company and operations valuations
  • Market reviews and other studies
  • Supporting companies through M&As
  • Israeli and international tax services
  • Accounting advise
  • Supporting IPOs.

Energy sector

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