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Digital Forensic Services

PwC’s Forensic Technology Solutions team provides an extensive range of services that include Digital Forensics, Information Governance, Electronic Discovery, Data Analytics and Cyber Security.
We provide a unique approach to complex business dispute and investigative matters, offering the latest technology to best serve our clients' needs.
Our global practice has over 350 dedicated forensic technology professionals in 35 countries. With experience in global markets and focused industry support, we help clients to manage vast amounts of electronic data, navigating legal and business processes whilst maximising the value of information assets.
With a principal laboratory and data center in Israel and satellite facilities, our forensic technology specialists can offer the following services:

Forensic Services

Digital Forensic

  • Forensic acquisition (imaging of electronic devices, mobile devices, computers, laptops and servers)
  • Acquisition of emails or folders from servers
  • Data recovery and reconstruction (Deleted file analysis)
  • Establishment of Investigative Support Systems
  • Phishing Investigations
  • Mobile device forensics
  • E-discovery solutions, management and litigation support
  • Cyber Forensic Readiness planning
  • Malware and Keylogger Analysis

Electronic Discovery

  • Electronic evidence consulting
  • Identification, preservation and collection
  • Processing, search and analysis
  • Technology assisted review
  • Disclosure and production

Data Analytics

  • Data Mining for Investigative Purposes
  • Fraud analytics to identify trends/patterns and potential fraud
  • User access analytics on sensitive databases
  • Procurement analysis, Transactional and non-transactional Data Analytics, Database Forensics, Continuous Transaction Monitoring
  • Visual Data analytics and interactive dashboards that present the data in a significant way
  • Business data analytics to help describe, predict and improve business performance

Our Approach to eDiscovery


Our team of experts will assist you in identifying and collecting data and documents to meet discovery demands. This includes:

  • Identification of data sources in your company. Understand IT environment and the data sources exist in the company
  • Detailed data tracking for each of the data sources identified


PwC discovery team will define a process which will allow traceability of the data collected from the company's systems

All data will be extracted using tools with logging capabilities to assure that no data was lost through extraction. Files will be signed using MD5 hash, to allow data validation and to insure that data was not modified after extraction.


Securely and efficiently reducing collected data to a manageable set for review.

Using a multi-platform approach, PwC is able to scale and configure each project to unique specifications that the case demands and manage the project in close collaboration with an outside counsel. All actions taken on the data are fully documented, so that questions raised by opposing legal counsel, regulator or courts can be answered.

We maintain a strict chain of custody for all data. The processes we apply are designed to improve outside counsel's review efficiency. Among key applications are:

  • Advanced search capability with concept-based clustering and visualization of data and filtering technologies
  • Near de-duplication based on statistical similarity of documents
  • Sophisticated graphic interface and concept based tools
  • High level email analytics
  • Advanced multi-lingual capabilities

Search & Review

Providing clients and their legal team with a secure collaborative environment for a legal review.

  • Concept-based search and clustering
  • Sophisticated encryption and security protocols that feature tow function identification and controlled access include multiple party reviews at different access levels
  • Support of both local and batching production to include tiff, native or mixed mode formats
  • Full suite of project management reports, to include review statistics
  • Full redaction, highlighting and annotation
  • Bulk and smart issue coding and tagging
  • Complete audit trail
  • Customizable reports


Accurate, on-time production of data in multiple formats:

  • Native, Tiff or mixed mode productions
  • Bates numbering and endorsements
  • Full support for redactions and highlights
  • Support for numerous litigation cases
  • Fully EDRM XML compliant

Our Technology Partners

The best technology is critical to our clients’ success. Rather than offering an end-to-end software platform bundled with our services, we use multiple providers’ tools to make sure that we serve our clients with the best, most current technology available. We then build on top of those tools to ensure a seamless connection between tools as well as to augment their functionality.

relativity technologies

Review & Production Technologies

Relativity is PwC's primary hosted review platform and is widely recognized as a leading solution for eDiscovery. Relativity’s scalable infrastructure and easy-to-use interface enables case teams to handle the industry’s largest and most complex review projects while tailoring their approach to each case. As a feature-rich eDiscovery platform, Relativity provides image and native file review, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions; foreign language support, and powerful searching and text analytics, including computer-assisted review and visual data analysis.

relativity analytics
relativity analytics
Processing Technologies

Processing Technologies

Nuix is PwC’s primary unstructured data processing engine. Nuix’s indexing engine is an order of magnitude faster than any other technology, and getting faster. The company is rapidly distancing itself from the rest of the field as the best-in-breed solution for eDiscovery processing. Its software delivers simple, raw speed, allowing you to process vast quantities of data and decipher, cull, and produce it in all major litigation formats. With Nuix, we can process more than one terabyte of data per day on a single server, and scale to hundreds of millions of documents. Nuix simplifies and reduces the cost of data collection by processing unstructured data containers directly and intelligently. We can simply collect data from an email server or personal computer and point Nuix software at the individual mailboxes or folders required. Nuix will process just those files, ignoring irrelevant data and reducing the cost and time required to get to the critical information.

nuix data processing
Nuix Data processing

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