Lean Six Sigma

The main factor for success in manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies

Lean Six Sigma is a management methodology that aims to increase quality, performance and customer satisfaction with lower costs. Its main focuses are the systematic elimination of waste from every process in the company and only keeping activities that are of value to the customer. Although Lean Six Sigma was created in Toyota, Motorola and GE, its methodology is commonly used in the service sector as well.

Yellow Belt

Two-day course; to obtain certification you will need to take part in the course

The PwC Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course will introduce you to the basic features and benefits of Lean Six Sigma methodology and will guide you through the different phases of the DMAIC process - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control. 

Price: EUR 550 + VAT

After completing this course, you will understand the foundation for breakthrough performance. You will be able to implement measurable improvements, apply the fundamentals of particular DMAIC phases, as well as assist Green and Black Belts in the successful deployment of LSS projects.

Course content

This two-day training is designed to build your awareness of the basics and benefits of Lean Six Sigma methodology in an interactive and effective way. You will be able to make new contacts with managers and other people interested in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • learn the basic elements and benefits of Lean implementation
  • understand the basic kinds of waste (Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Un-Utilised Talent; Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Over-processing)
  • know the basic elements and benefits of Six Sigma implementation;
  • You will take part in a simulation game to understand the effects of variability and waste;
  • get a basic overview of a Lean Six Sigma improvement project structure (DMAIC – define, measure, analyse, implement, control);
  • adopt basic tools for a Lean Sig Sigma improvement projects;
  • go through Lean Six sigma case studies.

Green Belt

Six-day course; to obtain certification you will need to attend the course and pass the final test

PwC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is an internationally rewarding course linked to the basic Yellow Belt course. The programme will allow you to gain deeper theoretical and practical skills in Lean Six Sigma. It's part of running a stand-alone project that you can implement directly in your company, and you can make a real contribution to the course.

Price: EUR 1150 + VAT

Course content

This 6-day training is held in the form of three 2-day sessions separated by a few days. In between these sessions, you will work individually on your project and share your practical experience during the training sessions. If you do not have the option to carry out a practical project in your company, we will offer you an equally beneficial training alternative. The course is suitable for all lines of production and service.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • seek out opportunities and lead medium-scale Lean Six Sigma projects, to lead a project team and carry out real benefits;
  • utilise a wide range of tools for the individual phases of the DMAIC cycle (define, measure, analyse, improve, control). You will be able to avoid frequent difficulties and you will understand what steps need to be taken for a project to be successful;
  • learn how to understand “the voice of the client”, to transform his requirements into a company process model and, last but not least, systematically eliminate features not bringing value to your clients;
  • learn to utilise basic Lean Six Sigma statistical methods for process capability calculations and to interpret outputs and control charts correctly;
  • map processes at more levels;
  • manage to create a Lean Six Sigma project plan and communicate it correctly with all parties involved; and
  • learn how to draw up projects, that will contribute and be sustainable in the long term. 

Yellow + Green Belt

Seven-day course; to obtain certification you will need to take part in the course and pass the final test

For those of you who would like to have a Green Belt level but have not yet got the Yellow Belt certificate, we have prepared a special offer. Now you have the opportunity to take the Yellow Belt in a shortened one-day option compared to the classic two-day training and to continue the Green Belt immediately. Upon successful completion of the Yellow + Green Belt programme, you will receive certificates for both levels.

Price: EUR 1350 + VAT

Conditions of the offer:

  • The one-day version of Yellow Belt cannot be attended separately.
  • It is necessary to attend the whole 7-day Yellow + Green Belt programme.
  • To get the Yellow Belt certificate you have to attend the course, for the Green Belt certificate you have to attend the course, present a standalone project and pass the final test.

Black Belt

Ten-day course; to obtain certification you willl need to take part in the course and pass the final test and document on the implementation of the project

Black Belt training provides a sophisticated integration of Lean techniques into Six Sigma methodology, combining two progressive management approaches into one strong business strategy. The content of the training is continuously adapted to meet the current requirements and needs of the manufacturing sector, administration and services.

Price: EUR 1950 + VAT

Participants must demonstrate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualification prior to participation:

  • Basic knowledge: Customer Voice, 7 Waste Types, SIPOC, Kano Model, 5S, Ishikawa Diagram, Process Mapping, OEE Calculation, Process Flow.
  • If necessary, we can organise a two-day Green Belt refresher to repeat basic concepts and methods before the Black Belt.

Who is the course for?

  • Project managers addressing the company's major problems;
  • Middle and top management of companies;
  • All those who want to lead the research teams using the DMAIC methodology.

Why Black Belt from PwC?

  • Training starts with a quick review of business performance (Quick Business Review) by PwC’s management consultants;
  • During the whole training, participants will either work individually or in teams on projects that are focused on introducing innovative solutions;
  • Participants will be fully acquainted with techniques and methods through simulation games and exercises;
  • The course is based on real and comprehensible examples rather than boring lectures, theoretical concepts, and unnecessarily complex statistics;
  • Training focuses on systematically preparing future executives in companies to be responsible for Lean Six Sigma innovation projects.


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