Banking and Non Bank Industry Survey

The Banking and Non Bank Industry Survey results aim to provide banking industry stakeholders with an up-to-date and balanced assessment of the sector.

Welcome to PwC Zambia’s 2018 Banking and Non-Banking Industry Survey. We are excited to present findings from a wider pool of respondents this year which, as the title suggests, includes not only commercial banks  but non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) as well.

We have widened the survey coverage to acknowledge the complementary nature of services offered by commercial banks and NBFIs. Together, these institutions provide a significant proportion of the financial products and services accessed by individuals and businesses operating in Zambia. Customers who are unable to transact with commercial banks can often access financial services through NBFIs instead. In addition, the intensity of competition between commercial banks and NBFIs is increasing as both types of institution target the same customer segments with similar products and services.

Identifying the issues

  • Credit risk
  • Growth of the local economy
  • Implementation of IFRS 9
  • Improving revenue growth
  • Abolishment of unwarranted fees and charges
  • Managing liquidity risk
  • Client retention


How we can help

  • Development and assessment of cybersecurity frameworks 
  • In-depth reviews of credit process to identify areas of weakness and recommend mitigating actions 
  • End to end IFRS 9 implementation support 
  • Reviews of key business processes to identify areas of weakness and inefficiency

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