2019 Bank and Non Bank Industry Survey


Banks and NBFIs have been at the forefront of providing critically needed essential services in order to keep economic activity going. That said, as businesses on the ‘front-line’, they have, like others, been impacted from an operational as well as a broader economic perspective.

The full impact of the challenges brought on by the prevailing circumstances is now becoming more apparent and it is likely that the effects will be felt for a while to come.

You will note that this report has been published later than we have traditionally done since 2016. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we received feedback from participants to defer our survey to allow them deal with the immediate challenges the pandemic posed. We took advantage of the deferred report launch to adjust the survey to cover, to the greatest extent possible, the emerging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on banks and NBFIs.

The economic environment remains very dynamic, and more and more will become apparent with the passing of time. Whereas our previous surveys have been mainly for particular calendar years, this report extends beyond 2019 to take into account developments in 2020.


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