Internal audit

The role of Internal Audit (IA) continues to evolve, driven by many factors including economic conditions, globalization, and new and emerging risks. These scenarios are creating a dynamic environment and new opportunities for internal audit to demonstrate its value. Internal audit has to drive value creation.

Our PwC internal audit professionals bring the right mix of internal audit experience, industry-specific knowledge and highly technical specialized skill sets into your internal audit function. We can help you to improve the performance of your internal audit function so that it provides sufficient comfort to the Audit Committee and ensure that the internal audit team are tackling the right risks, as well as improving and aligning your governance, risk and control frameworks. We can provide independent advice to your Board, the Audit Committee, management and regulators on your organizational risks and the state of your controls, and work with you to implement any improvements that are needed.

How we can help

Providing direct IA services leveraging PwC’s technical internal audit skills, subject matter and industry knowledge, and on- and off-shore sourcing.

  • Full outsourcing including a dedicated, industry knowledgeable core service team
  • Co-sourcing of selected technical, geographic or industry-specific capabilities

Our solutions range from complementing your in-house internal audit function with our industry specific capabilities or wide geographical coverage to full outsourcing of your internal audit function.


Improve the capability, capacity, flexibility and effectiveness of company internal audit functions

  • Deliver improved risk coverage and flexibility to respond to emerging risk while reducing overall cost
  • Raise the value able to be delivered by the IA function and the relevance of the function within the company
  • Support ongoing innovation in internal audit execution and ongoing risk management
  • Methodology: risk assessment, planning and execution
  • Resourcing models
  • Effectiveness and productivity reviews

Improving productivity and effectiveness of internal audit.

Consulting as IA practitioners to add value and enhance existing internal audit processes.

Prevention, detection and investigation of fraud including development of a fraud risk assessment.

Working with internal audit functions to perform risk assessments and redesign their audit plans and approach so that these are aligned with the business strategy and the areas driving shareholder value.

Advising on internal audit strategy and transformation to reduce cost, improve performance, increase accountability and develop metrics.

Providing an independent quality review of existing internal audit functions and their strategies.


  • Reduce cost, improve performance, increase accountability, and develop metrics
  • Benchmark IA performance
  • Enhance IA methodologies
  • Develop and enhance fraud risk assessments
  • Audit technology implementations
  • Quality assurance reviews to assess conformance with IA standards

Providing our people to be managed by you.


  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of IA by gaining access to the right resources at the right time to meet company needs
  • Utilize industry and subject matter knowledge 

Analyse, advise and assist in implementing Corporate governance system at entity level and activity level.


  • Improve the transparency of report, internal control, ensure equality  among stakeholders within enterprises

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