Tax Alert: 3 May 2013

Presidential Resolution No.ПП-1961 of 30 April 2013 

Presidential Resolution No.ПП-1961 “On additional measures for increase of production and expansion of the range of domestic consumer goods” (Resolution 1961) was issued on 30 April 2013. Resolution 1961 approves the lists of projects for establishment of new enterprises, as well as technical, technological modernization of the existing enterprises producing both food and non-food consumer goods. Resolution 1961 also approved additional projects in the area of localisation of the production of import substituting goods (Localisation projects). Moreover, Resolution 1961 extends, until 1 January 2016, the exemptions provided in paragraph 3 of the Presidential Resolution No.ПП-1048 of 27 January 2009 to the above Localisation projects. Such exemptions (subject to certain limitations) granted to the listed localisation projects include relief from payment of: 

  • customs payments (except for customs clearance fees) on imported technological equipment and spare parts, as well as components not produced in Uzbekistan; 
  • corporate income tax, unified tax payment; 
  • property tax.

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