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Understanding the current state of your talent practices and how they align to sustain your business objectives

Emerging. Developing. Progressing. Leading.
What is the current state of your talent management practices?

Take our Talent Maturity Assessment to find out.

Businesses must be able to effectively attract, develop, manage, and deploy their talent to successfully execute their business strategy. Effective talent management practices strive to develop an organization that has the people with the skills and capabilities, now and in the future, necessary to meet these needs.

PwC invites you to take the first step in assessing your current talent management practices and how well they align with your business objectives . Taking our free, 30-minute survey will facilitate you in comparing how your talent practices stack up to those at leading organizations.

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FAQs about PwC's Talent Maturity Assessment Survey

What will the survey measure?

This brief assessment serves as a starting point to understand how effectively your processes position your talent to achieve business results. The assessment includes:

  • 14 assessment items to understand the current state of talent practices
  • 14 assessment items to understand your desired future state (next twenty-four months) of talent practices
  • 29 talent metrics to collect quantitative data about your organization
  • 15 optional talent metrics that further assess an organization's talent practices
After I complete the survey, what will I get?

You will receive a Talent Maturity Assessment Report that includes the average current state and average desired future state of other organizations that have completed the assessment. In addition, you will receive aggregated information about other organizations talent metrics. This information provides you with a benchmark of other organizations' talent practices and helps you consider the position of your own talent practices.

Should you choose to understand how your talent practices stack-up to other organizations, our consultants can speak with you to make arrangements to assess your data and help you draw meaningful comparisons to other organizations within similar industries, of similar revenue size, or of similar size in terms of headcount.

You can expect to receive your Talent Maturity Assessment Report approximately six weeks after you complete the survey. In order to provide you with meaningful benchmark data, we will collect responses for up to six weeks before sharing the results. You will receive an electronic scorecard sent to the email address you provide when completing the survey.

Is my company's data kept confidential?

All data will be kept completely confidential. In other words, no one will have access to your data except for you and the PwC consultants dedicated to your organization. Your data may be used as part of an aggregate summary of all organizations' responses or for research purposes, however, your data is kept anonymous and will not allow for any identification of you or your organization.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions about this survey or its content, please contact Jeremy Hof at

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