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A little kindness goes a long way

You’ve reached this page because you shared/received a random act of kindness. That's news worth spreading, so please tell us about it and share this site — — with recipient(s) of your random act of kindness. When you share kindness, it creates a ripple effect. We hope the random act of kindness you shared inspires your recipient to pass it on. So whether you bought a coffee for someone behind you, lent a helping hand to a neighbor or let someone get ahead of you in a traffic jam, we hope they pass it on too!

Part of why we’re doing this is because we want to help spread good in the world. Through our firmwide effort, Be well, work well, we’re inspiring random acts of kindness outside the firm. Kindness fuels emotional well-being, even for those who simply observe the kindness being shared. Kindness helps to reduce stress, boosts our immune systems, and also lessens negative emotions like anxiety.

How many random acts of kindness can we collectively generate across the world?

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We care about each other, our clients and empowering everyone to do their best. PwC is committed to a culture of workplace wellness. We launched an effort called Be well, work well because we believe it’s important. This is grounded in science, and we’re giving our staff the tools and support they need to evolve the Be well, work well culture, team by team. It’s all about everyday behaviors and habits focused on fueling our four dimensions of energy—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our people have access to educational tools and content that helps them gauge their energy and find innovative ways to renew together as teams. Be well, work well is about managing energy so our people can be at their best—both personally and professionally.

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DeAnne Aussem

DeAnne Aussem

Leadership Development & Well-being Leader, PwC US

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