Healthcare MoneyTree™ report: Q4, 2020

PwC and CB Insights' Healthcare MoneyTree™ report brings you a quarterly publication based on US venture capital funding for healthcare related industries. Each issue is broken out by five key sections: US healthcare trends, US healthcare industries, US healthcare places, US healthcare movers and shakers, and Global healthcare trends.

For full analysis of activity across all sectors, refer to the PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree™ Report.

Top five US Healthcare industries over the last five quarters:

Q4 2020 Top five US Healthcare industries over the last five quarters

Highlights for this quarter's report include, but are not limited to:

  • In the US: Funding for VC-backed Healthcare companies in the US raised $8.5B in 224 deals.
  • Compared to Q3’20, the number of deals closed in Q4’20 decreased by 8% from 243 to 224.
  • Of the $8.5B raised in Q4’20, $4.4B was invested in the Biotechnology subsector while $1.0B was invested in the Medical Devices & Equipment industry.
  • A total of $3.6B was raised this quarter through 21 mega-rounds*, making up 43% of total deal dollars raised in Q3’20.
  • In Q4’20, San Diego raised $1.9B through 19 deals and is the leading region this quarter in terms of dollars raised. There were seven mega-rounds in San Diego.
  • There were 26 Healthcare IPOs in Q4’20 raising approximately $4.1B.
  • Globally: dollars invested increased to $14.7B in Q4’20, while the number of deals decreased from 606 in Q3’20 to 582 in Q4’20.

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