Industry trends

The more complex your investment strategy, the greater your need to have tax specialists embedded in your tax compliance processes.

We have seen a rise in client demand for increased capabilities and flexibility such as:

  • Customized reporting for complex transactions
  • Secure online access to tax deliverables in wealth management portal
  • Improved operational efficiencies through electronic data transfer such as MLP K-1 data
  • Custom reporting for accounts with specialized assets (e.g., foreign currency, widely held fixed investment trusts (WHFIT), options, oil and gas, and rentals and farms)

Additional trends we are seeing include:

  • Increased demand for export and import capabilities with tools such as TurboTax and Excel
  • Demand for faster responsiveness to market needs such as tax product format changes, wash sale identification and remediation
  • Outsourcing to address resource constraints and risk management
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