M&A integration case study

How a leading provider of domestic pharmaceuticals shifted to a global business model in connection with a foreign acquisition

The issue: A US-based specialty pharmaceutical company acquired a foreign-based drug maker. The transaction doubled the company's size overnight. New cultural hurdles, regulatory standards, product portfolio complexities, and the immediate assumption of operations in nearly 30 countries were some of the many challenges that came with the transaction.

Our approach: We provided assistance from pre-announcement during due diligence through post-close integration, assisting with overall integration across the enterprise and technical expertise in key functional areas. PwC also delivered a comprehensive solution for accelerating synergy plan development and value capture.

The outcome: The acquirer had committed to achieving announced deal synergies of $200 million while seamlessly transitioning to a global business model. PwC helped the company complete its targeted integration plans four months ahead of schedule while reaching its synergy targets and minimizing business disruptions. The client's CEO openly praised PwC during an analyst call, citing our critical role in the success of the integration.