David Breda US Semiconductor Advisory Leader

Tom Archer

David Breda

US Semiconductor Advisory Leader

Summary of experience

Dave Breda is the US Computers and Networking Advisory Leader and the US Semiconductor Advisory Leader. Prior to this role, Dave led PwC’s PRTM’s global semiconductor practice He is also one of the co-developers of PRTM’s Service and Market Readiness Testing® (SMRT®) service offering, and co-lead for PRTM’s worldwide PLM task force. He also developed PRTM’s benchmarking and consulting services to improve client’s R&D productivity. Dave has over 16 years of experience in a broad range of business management areas including innovation, product and platform strategy, portfolio and product-line management, technology management, governance and decision making, sales operation management, and customer service and support. Dave has also successfully completed several interim management positions for market launch and critical project recovery initiatives. Dave’s industry experience includes medical device and diagnostic equipment, consumer services and products, semiconductor fabrication and capital equipment, telecommunications equipment and services, transportation and shipping, and software.

Prior to joining PwC, Dave held various business development and operations management positions with MCI Telecommunications, Eli Lilly Corporation, and LBD Inc.

Dave is a graduate of University of Colorado, Boulder with a BS degree in Engineering. He received his MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia. Dave is Certified in Production and in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS, and is a member of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).