Internet protocol transformation: Beyond the triple play

August 2005
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IP transformation

At a glance

This report, the third in PwC's convergence series, analyzes the consumer market challenges carriers face as they migrate to an Internet Protocol-based delivery network.

This report focuses on wireline carrier IP transformation strategies. It is expected that wireless service providers and cable operators will undergo a similar transformation in the future and an examination of carrier strategies will provide them with valuable insights.

The report first examines the consumer market challenges faced by carriers, in the face of competition from cable operators and new entrants.It then highlights the key role of video services within triple and quad bundles and within the larger context of integrated telecommunications and information service.

Next, it discusses how carriers are currently managing the convergence of their infrastructure toward an all-IP network.Finally, it presents carrier strategies, business models, and operating best practices for leveraging this next-generation service delivery environment.