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From tax reform to Treasury: an update for global investors in the USA

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Is tax reform beginning to take shape in the US finally? What’s in store for global businesses operating in the United States? Join us as we discuss the latest tax developments, including, the concept of a minimum tax, a transition to a territorial system, to the treatment of ‘foreign’ versus domestically headquartered companies, and how all of this could affect you and your business. 

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Doing business in the United States

Now available! 2017-2018 guide

How do you seize opportunities and navigate challenges to investing in the US? We share valuable insight on everything from tax reform, the OECD's BEPS projection, to state and local tax issues, in our 2017-2018 edition of Doing business in the United States.

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How to manage your deals today in the USA as a global investor?

Deals are a great way to grow your business. The USA ranks among the top destinations for investment. So how do you make a deal in the USA given the current climate of changing policies and headlines?

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