Enhancing tax process management and controls

Tax Function of the Future


Drive efficiency in tax by starting with process

The Tax function of the future needs to consider an end-to-end approach to enhancing process that provides visibility to internal and external stakeholders and controls risk. In this piece, we’ll explore the importance of workflow, document management and collaboration with a focus on the challenges and solutions that Tax faces in five key areas:

  • managing a changing workforce
  • increased need for process and controls
  • collaboration outside of typical Tax boundaries
  • documentation and records management
  • utilizing a unified technology platform.

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About the Tax Function of the Future thought leadership series

Tax’s role in the world’s business environment continues to be in the spotlight, but the tax function of today is not designed for the regulatory, data, people and process demands of tomorrow.

Our thought leadership series explores our predictions for the role of tax and how the current tax function will have to adapt to support and keep pace with the wider business.

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Advanced tax analytics and innovation reimagine the future of tax

The evolving global environment calls for increased organizational transformation, and today's Tax function needs to deliver more with fewer resources, leaving little time to focus on tactical planning. We are committed to helping your company develop the Tax Function of the Future by leveraging technologies and business solutions to bridge the gap between current capabilities and the future reality. Now is the time for Tax functions to expand to the next generation of enterprise analytical tools and approaches.

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