Two Day Tax Analytics Academy

Bring your tax function into the future with an introduction to the practice of data analytics and data visualization.

Two Day Analytics Academy Empowering Tax Departments

Our 2-day Tax Analytics Academy consists of a mix of demonstrations and hands-on exercises which illustrate tools currently available for automation, data processing and data visualizations. 

We can also customize your analytics academy to focus on a specific tax technical area such as state and local taxes, transfer pricing, research credits, tax provision, and others. With the power of data analytics, you can ensure you're maximizing tax savings while achieving your business objectives and minimizing risk.

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Other ways we can help you get started with tax analytics…

In addition to our Tax Analytics Academy, we offer other comprehensive programs to help you get started on your journey to the Tax Function of the Future. Tax analytics is a broad area that spans from business intelligence self-service to tax dashboards, benchmarking, tax planning and provisioning, prescriptive analytics and advanced decision support in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

For organizations starting this journey, it's important to have a clear roadmap of what should be deployed to maximize tangible benefits while controlling costs. We offer a variety of hands on, demo rich analytics workshops to get you started on your journey.

In this demo heavy workshop, PwC provides an overview of the five different types of Tax Data Analytics from BI self-service, dash boarding, data visualizations, forecasting and tax planning, tax modeling and what-if scenarios. We also review the latest trends in more advanced tax analytics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), decision automation and exploratory data analysis (EDA) with different tax scenarios. The session is interactive; we explore four different tax analytics demos and discuss the effort required to build the tax analytical applications. The session is targeted towards tax managers, directors, VPs and other tax professionals at any level.

Our Data & Analytics (D&A) roadmaps are tailored to each client based on current systems, D&A skillsets in the organization, organizational priorities, budget constraints, system architectures and existing analytics tools being used. The D&A roadmap is normally developed together with key stakeholders and is clearly communicated as an overall data and analytics strategy within the tax department. It forms a vision with clear definitions of projects and initiatives that allows our clients to realize the benefits as soon as possible with minimal organizational disruption.

The five levels of Tax Analytics

Tax Analytics generally can be grouped into five different levels as detailed below. Our Tax Data & Analytics Academy takes you through the first two levels to get you started on your journey to the tax function of the future!

Advanced Tax Analytics and Innovation

Reimagine the future of tax

The evolving global environment calls for increased organizational transformation and today's Tax function needs to deliver more with less resources, leaving little time to focus on tactical planning. We are committed to helping your company develop the Tax Function of the Future by leveraging technologies and business solutions to bridge the gap between their current capabilities and the future reality. Now is the time for Tax functions to expand their capabilities to the next generation of enterprise analytical tools and approaches.


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