Doing business in the United States

July 2014


Global companies investing in the United States face unique opportunities and challenges. Doing business in the US reviews the key tax issues and provides insights to help investors navigate the US business environment.The US offers a better business environment compared to other advanced countries according to the majority of insourcing CFOs surveyed by PwC and the Organization for International Investment.

Given that the United States has a particularly complex tax system, non-US companies looking to do business in the United States are faced with particular challenges as well as opportunities. Although business decisions and operations are affected as companies navigate the law and administrative processes to manage risk related to tax issues, they can also achieve enhanced after-tax results from their operations by understanding US tax rules and policy.

PwC's US Inbound Tax's Doing business in the United States, provides a broad understanding of the basic tax implications of business operations in the United States as well as helpful insights into the tax consequences for non-US companies.

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