Issue 4 - April 2013

April 2013


Electronically supplied services remains a hot topic in the world of VAT. The European Commission has recently referred France and Luxembourg to the ECJ for applying reduced VAT rates to e-books. Other noteworthy developments include the Supreme Court ruling in the UK regarding loyalty schemes, a new domestic reverse charge for intergrated circuit devices, phones and computers in the Netherlands, and an update on the April 1, 2013 return to Provincial Sales Tax in British Columbia.

The newsletter also highlights the following items of interest:

  • An ECJ judgment concerning the VAT exemption for outsourced investment management services
  • Circumstances in which a Member State can refuse VAT registration, according to the ECJ
  • Amended Austrian VAT Guidelines regarding magazines subscriptions with online access, services related to immovable property, invoicing and other topics
  • 2013 VAT Act amendments in Bulgaria concerning invoices, input VAT credits and the tax base for supplies in foreign currency
  • An announcement of a new 75% VAT recovery for hotel and conference costs in Denmark
  • An import VAT exemption for non-established suppliers effective March 1, 2013 in Greece
  • A change in reverse charge accounting for local supplies in Italy
  • New guidance on procurement contract joint liability in Italy
  • A new obligation to use the standard file format (SAF-T) for tax audits in Luxembourg
  • Confirmation of April 1, 2013 changes to the VAT reverse charge in Poland
  • A case clarifying single versus multiple supply rules in the UK
  • Expansion of the Pilot Program in China to all provinces and additional service industries
  • A framework set for consolidated VAT filing for pilot taxpayers in China
  • Recommendations on VAT changes regarding import VAT accounts, the registration threshold and controls in Namibia

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