Sustainability assurance

Helping our clients establish marketplace trust and credibility through focused assessment of reporting systems and processes.


As sustainability moves up the boardroom agenda, it is increasingly integrated into corporate level strategic planning and reporting. Management now needs to use the sustainability agenda for strategic advantage. We help our clients identify and prioritize sustainability issues, set goals that support the alignment and integration of the sustainability vision into overall corporate strategy, implement processes, controls, systems and dashboards to measure progress and allow for consistent, accurate and reliable reporting.


10Minutes on integrated reporting

10Minutes on integrated reporting

Investors have been showing increased interest in the correlations between financial performance and sustainability factors like resource scarcity, environmental performance and corporate governance when assessing a company’s future risk and growth opportunities. Is your company ready to respond? This 10Minutes highlights insights and benefits companies can glean into these issues by integrating their thinking to develop a better understanding of impacts to their businesses, allowing them to tell a more holistic value creation story.


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