Indirect tax

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See tax from a new angle

With an unprecedented amount of global indirect tax reform, a broader global tax base, and tax rates increasing worldwide, more US-based global companies are scrutinizing their indirect tax responsibilities – including value added taxes (VAT), sales and use taxes, goods and services taxes (GST), federal excise taxes, telecommunications taxes and other transaction taxes.

What’s your business doing to identify indirect tax exposures and opportunities?

As the average global indirect tax rate approaches 20%, indirect taxes represent a significant amount of working capital for US-based multinational companies. Today’s business leaders cannot afford to make errors that result from lack of knowledge and oversight and that may lead to substantial permanent costs.

We can help you with:

Identifying and exploring indirect tax opportunities and issues as they relate to:

  • Assessment and risk management
  • Business expansion
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • Systems, processes, and controls
  • Refunds and cash flow
  • Policy and design

Automate your reverse audits to facilitate managing sales and use tax expenditures

Managing sales and use tax expenditures can be some of the most frustrating and yet rewarding responsibilities undertaken by the accounting departments of companies. 

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PwC discusses updates on the Wayfair case


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How technology can advance your indirect tax function 


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