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The technology taking your audit into tomorrow

Explore our audit technology solutions

One powerful digital ecosystem

What guides our audit technology strategy? We place the most innovative technology in the hands of people who can — and care to — make a difference in the world and for our audit clients. By combining people and the right technologies, we turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s solutions and drive the right outcomes. The powerful ecosystem of technology underlying Tomorrow’s audit, today is a prime example. We invite you to explore our proprietary technologies that we use to power the audit.

> 100000

Auditors across the PwC Network use Aura to drive quality and consistency

Fuels the audit and our teams

Think of our cloud-based Aura platform—used on every PwC audit across the globe—it’s our audit ERP where we build and execute the audit plan: right-sized for our clients’ businesses.

  • Risk-ready:
    Explore different scenarios to address risk levels, through control reliance and substantive testing.

  • Single source of truth:
    Digitized workpapers provide standardization and intelligence to guide the audit team, while dashboards and workflow enable them to collaborate seamlessly.

  • Understanding your business:
    Interconnected flowcharting and walkthroughs facilitate seamless understanding of business processes for our risk-focused audit approach.

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See how Aura powers our digital ecosystem.

75 %

of our eligible audit clients are currently on track to benefit from our automated extraction process

Unlocks the power of your data

Key to delivering an audit that’s smart and streamlined, our Extract suite lets us seamlessly and securely ingest your data one time, so we can use it throughout the audit, saving time and rework. It’s flexible, with tools that work with any system—whether standard ERP or homegrown.

  • Automatic and secure:
    Locally or remotely, securely ingests a copy of ERP data to our cloud-based data lake.
  • AI-driven:
    Optical character recognition and machine learning “read” unstructured data in leases, contracts, and more.
  • Easy onboarding:
    For non-standard systems, our easy-to-use process and tools help to accelerate the ingestion of data.

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See how Extract unlocks the power of your data.

1 billion +

Records can be processed in each instance of our Halo for Journals application­­

Delivers advanced analytics and insights

Our Halo data auditing tools test huge volumes of data, analyzing whole populations to improve risk assessment, analysis and testing, and unlock a wealth of insight. There are Halo tools to meet the unique needs of companies in different industries.

  • Risk assessment:
    By zeroing in on potential sources of likely misstatement, Halo allows us to assess risks up and down the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Data analysis:
    Your audit team can quickly navigate between 40+ content-themed visualization dashboards and detailed data schedules, prompting more focused audit analysis and insights, based on your data.
  • New insights:
    Surfaces financial and operational observations through the analysis of audit related data.

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See how Halo powers risk assessment.

> 9 million

Requests via 87,000 instances of Connect across the PwC Network­­

Makes it easy to stay on the same page

It’s where our clients’ teams and ours can be in touch 24/7 and where they see real-time status updates—even from their phone. One-stop for everything audit, across all locations.

  • Streamlined and real-time:
    No more phone- and email-tag thanks to a one-stop communications portal. Real-time tracking means delays or issues can be quickly spotted and resolved.
  • Mobile-ready:
    Web-based portal works on a phone or tablet, so our clients and audit teams can stay informed on the go.
  • Total visibility:
    For multi-location audits, our teams can track adjustments, control deficiencies and regulatory reporting all in one place.

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See how Connect provides real-time updates, 24/7, from anywhere.

Innovation: Unique dual-track approach


Thanks to the investments we’ve made over the past several years in upskilling our people, our auditors can build bots, automated workflows and data visualizations just for the audit.

Digital Lab

A digital storefront where our PwC teams build and share new time-saving tools, automations and access the latest computing resources.

Collaboration space

Secure Workbench feature lets our PwC teams create and share data visualizations with clients so we can work together remotely.

Get tomorrow’s audit, today.

Trust. Quality. Innovation. What does one have to do with the others? Everything. We need confidence in the machines that make our work more efficient, as much as we do in the people who harness them. That’s why we are facing digital disruption head on. To reimagine the audit with equal parts automation and human experience. And ushering in an experience revolution for you and your team. That’s tomorrow’s audit, today.

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Auditing revenue using advanced technology

See how PwC enables a more robust population analysis of revenue at the transaction level, enhancing risk assessment and generating deeper insights from the audit.

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