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Agile strategies in a time of uncertainty

Act now to take advantage of the opportunities that tax reform will present.

Stakeholders from the C-suite, finance, corporate development, and the audit committee should assess on a real-time basis the changes to the US tax system as they are developed and debated in Congress real time changes and plan accordingly as the policy landscape shifts.  

Subscribing to Inside Tax Policy, gives you the perspectives not only of our Washington specialists, but also of lawmakers and industry leaders. Their knowledge and insights into both the substance of tax reform provisions and the legislative process will help to guide you through the uncertainty.

How can Inside Tax Policy help you to be proactive about tax reform?

In a constantly changing world, how will you navigate the uncertainty in the political landscape? Inside Tax Policy provides insights on policy questions such as:

  • What are the latest emerging trends on tax reform, and how can my company  keep ahead of tax reform developments?
  • What are the concerns of my peer organizations?
  • How will BEPS and country-by-country reporting impact multinational enterprises?
  • How do non-US parented companies view tax reform?
  • What should companies consider as they analyze European policy developments?

How PwC can help you take action

Subscribing to PwC’s on-demand, video podcast platform can help you cut through the DC rhetoric for the inside story.

  • Easy access on desktop and mobile - Access PwC’s tax policy analysis on the go, anytime, on your favorite devices.
  • Insider briefings - Receive weekly alerts on key regulatory and legislative changes from one convenient platform.
  • Engaging conversation and debate - Hear from special guest commentators, congressional leaders, and subject matter specialists on a wide array of topics.

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