Reconsider your approach for international tax rules

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Agile strategies in a time of uncertainty

Act now to take advantage of the opportunities that tax reform will present.

What can a business do to reassess how the tax landscape will change their global management?

Potential US tax reform along with the changing foreign tax legislative and regulatory environment stemming from the impact of the OECD BEPS initiative, increased disclosure / transparency requirements and other EU tax developments require multinational corporations to take a holistic view of their global tax position. This dynamic tax landscape combined with global markets, new business models, competition, liquidity concerns, the impact of culture, and the pace of change have made the efficient management of a business on a global scale more complex than ever.

How can reassessment and evaluation help you to be proactive about tax reform?

PwC uses its Integrated Global Structuring service to answer:

  • What actions should my company be taking right now to facilitate cash redeployment in advance of the potential enactment of a territorial regime as part of US tax reform?
  • Is now the time to reconsider the ways that my business currently develops, manages and owns intellectual property as the parameters of tax reform begin to take shape?
  • Has my company properly considered all relevant solutions for timely utilizing foreign losses and tax credits?
  • In light of all the changes likely to come from tax reform and the evolving global tax landscape, has my company considered how best to reduce the costs of managing increasing global tax compliance and controversy burdens?

How PwC can help you be prepared

PwC creates an opportunity to deliver resources to improve a company’s tax, treasury, and operational structure in today’s constantly changing global landscape, helping companies:

  • Keep ahead of international developments that may affect your business
  • Develop and implement cross-border strategies for US and overseas investments, including acquiring, restructuring, expanding, or divesting
  • Comply with and respond to inquiries from tax authorities
  • Manage your global structural tax rate

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