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Agile strategies in a time of uncertainty

Act now to take advantage of the opportunities that tax reform will present.

Tax reform proposals released by the Trump administration and Congress would impact important business decisions. What can a business do today to evaluate how the tax landscape will change? Modeling can make possible planning that can help companies prepare for different outcomes during the legislative process. PwC uses data-driven economic analysis and technology to identify opportunities and respond to challenges that could arise from legislative and regulatory changes.

How can modeling help you to be proactive about tax reform?

Companies need to understand how tax reform will impact their business investment decisions:

  • How might tax reform proposals affect my company’s profits?
  • What tax reform proposals would have the most significant tax impact?
  • Are there opportunities to address the tax impact?
  • How can my company prepare for mandatory repatriation?
  • What impact would a toll charge - especially mandatory repatriation on previously untaxed post-1986 E&P - have on my company?

How PwC can help you be prepared

Modeling allows organizations to assess the impact of tax reform proposals based on tax return data and other information.

It allows companies to evaluate legislative proposals, identify structural tax issues with significant financial impact, and assess opportunities for tax planning . The analysis provides your organization with a report that includes:

  • Cash tax impacts of proposals
  • Illustrative calculations of tax liability under the particular tax reform proposals being considered
  • Reconciliation of your company’s tax base under the proposals and current law
  • Sensitivity of results to alternative interpretations of proposals or to alternative tax reform designs.

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