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What if you could access strategic tax information via an integrated SAP solution that is directly connected to your company financials and also minimize your tax department’s reliance on inefficient manual data processes?

Our solution provides instant access to detailed tactical transactions through strategic dashboard information that’s typically delayed for most SAP clients due to inefficient manual processes.

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Tax Function of the Future: Key takeaway's on Leveraging Enterprise Insights for Tax

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Real time visibility into strategic tax information

PwC’s Enterprise Insights for Tax empowers finance and tax stakeholders with real time visibility into strategic tax information, including identification and exploration of areas of tax risk that may impact financial statements, tiered according to materiality with drill down to main influencers.

Key Features

Risk Analysis

Identification and exploration of areas of tax risk that may impact the financial statement, tiered according to materiality with drill down.

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Cash Tax Analysis

Examine the accuracy of finance provided pre-tax forecasts versus actual.

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BPC to GL Transaction Drill Down

Drill down from consolidated trial balances to GL trial balance and transaction detail within a selected period.

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Tax Data Integration

Integrate finance consolidated trial balances/adjustments, general ledger trial balances and transactions from single or multiple enterprise resource planning systems, provision application output, legal entities, jurisdictions and account mappings.

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True end-to-end tax/finance process on SAP

Can be deployed on premise or as a platform-as-a-service model; comprehensive data model and foundational framework for tax.

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ETR Analysis

Multi-year, period-to-period ETR trending by jurisdiction and legal entity with drill down to main influencers, drivers and component details.

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Tax Sensitization

Through legal entities & jurisdictions, business unit to legal entity mapping, general ledger account tax sensitive attributes.

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GL to Provision Reconciliation

Variance report of provision account balances to GL account balances by legal entity with drill down to constituent entities for selectable periods.

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Reduces manual processes and the need for storage of tax data in spreadsheets and disparate tax-supported data sources.


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