Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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What is artificial intelligence and how does it apply to tax?

The public perception seems to derive from science fiction movie depictions. Real AI–the kind that makes life better–has arrived in the tax function, with many usable tax applications beginning to emerge from both academic research and professional service firms.

In this paper, we review:

  • What is available and what is coming.
  • Recent examples and suggest likely future developments.
  • Discuss the role of tax resources collaborating with data science experts to build capabilities.

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Advanced Tax Analytics and Innovation

Reimagine the future of tax

The evolving global environment calls for increased organizational transformation and today's Tax function needs to deliver more with less resources, leaving little time to focus on tactical planning. We are committed to helping your company develop the Tax Function of the Future by leveraging technologies and business solutions to bridge the gap between their current capabilities and the future reality. Now is the time for Tax functions to expand their capabilities to the next generation of enterprise analytical tools and approaches.

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