Analytics & Automation Academies

PwC offers 3 academies that empower clients to drive automation and analytics through a digitally transformed workforce.

Analytics & Automation Academy

The standard academy provides an introduction to the practice of automation, analytics and data visualization. This two-day program consists of a mix of hands on exercises and demonstrations, which provide proficiency with tools to solve complex data processing needs.


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Analytics & Automation Masters Academy

This 2-day, hands-on program extends the standard academy with advanced topics including, interface tools, application creation, data validation, performance optimization, advanced formulas, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Robotics Masters Academy

This 1-day specialized program consists of hands-on exercises in robotics. It provides advanced proficiency in process automation, robotics, and digital labor.

The five levels of Analytics

Tax Analytics generally can be grouped into five different levels as detailed below. Our analytics & automation academies take you through the first three levels to get you started on your journey to the tax function of the future!

Explore our new technologies

Data is a vast and growing asset that most businesses are challenged to transform into a powerful strategic tool.

Revolutionize your Tax Function by unlocking ideas with impact that explore new opportunities for delivering enhanced insights and long-term business value. Our technologies help you access data you trust and realize insights faster and easier.


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