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Simplify and automate your state tax function

Technology does more than just provide solutions for companies, it enables them to rethink the way they do business.

Whether you are struggling with ongoing compliance obligations, have “what if” questions related to M&A integration, controversy or apportionment methods or do not have the time or resources to keep abreast of various credits and incentive opportunities—we help you embrace new technologies and automate tasks so your team can focus on tackling bigger challenges.

We can help you with:

  • Indirect Tax Automated Data Solutions - PwC’s Indirect Tax Automated Data Solutions can help clients automate many aspects of the indirect tax function. This suite of technology tools can be used together or individually and will provide automation of key indirect tax functions, as well as advanced data analytics and business intelligence, reporting and audit defense.
  • State Automation and Reporting - State tax teams are being asked to handle greater quantities of data, while maintaining transparency into supporting calculations. Automation through enhanced analytics and data visualization tools allows for the state tax function to provide value beyond a traditional reporting function by becoming a strategic business enabler.

Related services

  • State Tax Compliance—Deploy a co-/outsourced multistate compliance approach that embeds value added insights into the compliance cycle. Enable the process with consistency and technology that provides visibility and control for better risk management and real-time reporting, as well as business decision support.
  • Credits & Incentives—Helping companies get more out of their credits and incentives program. Our LoCATE solution is a web-based automated software tool and database designed to provide real-time location identification analysis of tax credit applicability to business and employee locations.
  • Quantitative Solutions—Enhanced state tax service delivery that gives a better view into what if scenarios and helps companies make more informed decisions.
  • State and Local Tax Amended Return Compliance Services—Our web-based solution, supported by our people and proven processes helps companies meet increasingly stringent amended state and local compliance obligations more effectively and efficiently than ever.
  • Abandoned and Unclaimed Property (AUP) Compliance— An end-to-end solution that helps companies establish and get more from their Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Compliance Program, powered by aupHOLDER
  • Corporate Asset Recovery--Recovering unclaimed assets can offset the cost of compliance and make a big difference in a company’s finances and sustainability. Leveraging proprietary technology, we can identify outstanding property that many companies are unaware of, helping  reclaim additional corporate revenue, increase cash flow, and potentially secure the collection of millions of dollars.

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