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Hosted by Doug McHoney, PwC's Global International Tax Services Leader, the Cross-border Tax Talks Series provides listeners with the latest trends in taxation. Various PwC specialists are featured and share insights on key issues impacting the ever-changing tax landscape.

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Pillar One: Policy, politics and interaction with Pillar Two

Doug McHoney (PwC’s International Tax Services Global Leader) is at PwC’s Global Transfer Pricing Conference where he’s joined by Giorgia Maffini. Giorgia is part of PwC’s Global Transfer Pricing team in London and was previously the Deputy Head of the Tax Policy and Statistics Division at the OECD. Doug and Giorgia discuss why taxpayers should care about Pillar One, starting with the basics - what is Pillar One and how does it work with Pillar Two? They discuss the complexities, scope and impacts of both Amount A and Amount B. Also the timing, economic impact, and what’s next. Finally, they address what might happen with digital services taxes and what companies should do next.



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Doug McHoney

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Geoff Jacobi

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