Sustainability strategy

Helping our clients identify and prioritize sustainability issues, set goals, measure progress, and drive accurate and reliable reporting.


We believe sustainability offers strategic opportunities to build more competitive and resilient organizations and should be integrated into the strategy development process.

We help clients prepare for and take advantage of sustainability megatrends by providing tailored strategy offerings that can deliver innovation and growth, improved efficiency and return on investment, greater risk resilience and higher quality decision-making.

These offerings include:

  • Strategy development to align the organization on a common vision and understanding of priorities going forward
  • Goal-setting to formalize the strategy and drive improved performance on key issues
  • Performance alignment to ensure the organization is positioned to deliver on its strategy and goals
  • Measurement to track progress and enable insight into improvement opportunities
  • Reporting to communicate results both internally and externally


How PwC can help

For the fourth year, we’ve used our unique Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) framework to monetize our economic, tax, social and environmental impacts. It’s one of the ways we’re strengthening our annual reporting to provide greater transparency for our stakeholders, and improving the information we use for decision making.


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