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In today’s interconnected business environment, knowing your business partners and vendors is critical to maintaining the trust and confidence of your customers and stakeholders.

As reliance on third parties grows, so does the need to foster transparency. PwC’s Trust and Transparency Solutions team explores every angle, taking an ecosystem approach to fostering clarity so you can build trust at every turn.

Our global economy is more integrated than ever before, with businesses leveraging multiple partner and vendor relationships to realize efficiencies and cost savings, access specialized solutions and skill sets, and achieve competitive advantage. However, that advantage comes with its own risks and challenges around third-party and cloud-related data security, lengthening supply chains, and more.

Here you can explore insights from PwC’s Trust and Transparency Solutions leaders who help companies gain assurance that their partners and vendors have the necessary controls in place to safeguard sensitive data and provide peace of mind to their stakeholders.

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Vendor Controls Assurance (SOC 2+): A cost effective approach to building customer trust

Vendor Controls Assurance (SOC 2+): A cost effective approach to building customer trust

The rate of global outsourcing of both core and support functions within organizations is rapidly rising. In an attempt to further reduce costs, organizations are asking that outsourced vendors play a larger role in supporting critical activities of the business. The result is increased pressure on service providers to provide greater transparency over their controls, so that their customers’ have assurance over their vendor’s operations. PwC’s Vendor Controls Attestation Report (SOC 2+) is designed to manage outsourcing risks and provide assurance over vendor controls, while saving both the vendor and customer money and time.

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